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Unruffle your feathers – break free from anxiety and stress with this 6 step change formula


I am delighted that you have found me and cannot wait to help you, as I have helped 100s of other clients to break free from anxiety and stress, so they can flow more easily through lifes ups and downs. 

I imagine you are here because you have had enough of anxiety and stress taking over your life and holding you back. I know this feeling well and will be able to teach you techniques and a new understanding of your self that has helped me to break free from anxiety, stress, depression and emotional eating. 

This is your invitation to go on a journey with me that will tranform into the best version of you. You will learn to fly even higher than you ever imagined, free from the weight of anxiety and stress that has been holding you back and leaving you feeling exhausted.

You are encouraged to be curious, creative and to have the courage to let go of the patterns of thought and emotions that you are not yet consciously aware of, but that have been holding you back.

You will reshape and feel reborn as you create new healthy habits quickly and easily. Clients often say they wished they had done this sooner, but whether you choose to make changes now or in a few months you will know when it is the right time for you to begin.

This programme is for you especially if you have been through a life changing event, such as your children have flown the nest, you’re adjusting to menopause, you have been made redundant, your relationship has recently ended or you are going through a difficult divorce or you are having a challenging time in your business, or you simply want to get your mojo back.

Jessica Vassallo Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

Six step transformational change formula 

Using a toolbox of techniques, philosophies and disciplines I have learned, I will free you from your current reactions to anxiety and stress towards a person who responds in a calm, confident and relaxed way.

No two programs are ever the same, whether I am working with an individual, a group or an organisation. We will work together to help you reboot, reprogram and repattern your whole way of being. They may only be slight tweaks but through Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy I guarantee you will not be the same person who started this program.

The formula

Step 1 – Setting your course

We discuss what you would like to have happen and use techniques that help you begin to let go and remember how to relax your mind and your body. Clients usually leave this session feeling relieved, hopeful and with new perspectives that enable them to make decisions with clarity and focus.

Step 2 – What is holding you back?

Knowing where you want to go now, we take a deep dive into those ideas that you may not have been fully aware of, but which are fuelling your anxiety and stress and therefore weighing you down and holding you back.

Step 3 – What is important to you?

Fascinated with making the most out of our 24/7, we look at what you love, value and appreciate in life and how much time you are spending on those things. This is an insightful exercise and you will leave with a plan that puts you back in control and more aligned with the best version of you.

True Client Story

A successful business women and mother of 3, was just doing what she did, organised, busy and exhausted while craving having “me back” (as high achieving women often do).

During a special kind of NLP style conversation, we uncovered her need for spontaneity. She hadn’t been placing importance on this yet part of her was craving it. So, we scheduled it in for Saturdays. That day her and the family would just go with the flow…and….it worked!

That old feeling that was weighing her down had lifted as she began placing importance on spontaneity. She stopped resenting routine and a lack of time for herself and reclaimed a sense of freedom just from one small adjustment in her calendar.

Step 4 – Freedom from Anxiety and Stress

When left unchecked our subconscious mind, or for the sake of this metaphor, the “Crew” below deck start taking control of the ship.

Through some event(s) in your life, that you may not even remember, your mind and body worked together to create a strategy for coping in certain situations. This quickly became a pattern, because our brains love repetition, and ,before you even knew it was happening, became a physical response in certain situations. The irony here is that it now feels worst because your mind and body have got better and that reaction in certain situations.

During this session we interrupt that pattern and create new responses so those old reactions don’t happen anymore. This may be done through a technique called Kinetic Shift, Timeline Therapy or Hypnotherapy either way you will notice the difference in you in a matter of days, hours even.

Step 5 – Get your mind set for success

Words are like spells, they cast spells on who and how we are being without us even realising it.

For example: I remember one day heading out to deliver a course. I had thrown on some makeup and as I checked in the mirror I heard a voice say, “Gosh, you’re ugly!” Wow, it was shocking AND liberating all at the same time.

In the past I wouldn’t have noticed this voice and would probably have fallen apart at a job interview or presentation. However, knowing what I know now, with an understanding of myself that I will teach you, I brushed it off – literally off my shoulder – and headed out to work with amazing people who wanted to break free from emotional eating.

With this ability to shake off old ideas about who and how you are your confidence and self esteem will grow.

To support the changes you are making, we take affirmations to a whole new level during this session. Rewriting the story of your life as you make new declarations about who and what you are. Those powerful mantras will support the changes you are committed to make.

My mantra is,,,

“I am living my best life…and…I am growing”

Time and again, this mantra has helped me show up as the best version of me. To help me feel confident, self assured and loved as I let go of the association that “perfection” = love.

Step 6 – Step in to the best version of you

Having let go of past trauma, become aware of what is important to you, with a healthier relationship towards anxiety and stress – now it is time to reinforce all your positive learnings so that you can step into the best version of you with confidence.

Post Graduation

2 weeks after the completion of our program together we will catch up via Zoom to see how the new ideas and habits have settled into your new way of being.

Ways we can work together

121 Ι Groups Ι Retreats

Unruffle Your Feathers Transformation Change Program – available 121 or join the next online group

  • 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions delivered in person at my clinic in London or Devon, Online* or a Combination of both over 12 weeks
  • A transformational change toolkit
  • Hypnotherapy MP3s to support the clients needs
  • Recording of Zoom sessions
  • Follow up consultation
  • Email support
  • The Nest – Private Facebook Group JOIN
  • Graduation Gift from me

Your investment starts from £499

UnruffleME 3 day Retreats

You’re interested in this transformational change process but also want some restorative “me time” without having to travel to India for it.

Join me for a VIP experience where we can work together 121 or in groups on a 3 day retreat at a coastal Devon location.

I source the best SPA accommodation and coaching staff to create a 3 day transformative experience for your mind, body and soul.

Schedule Outline

  • Morning debrief with a walk along the beach
  • Breakfast
  • Transformational Change Session
  • Meditative relaxation – Yoga or Breathwork
  • Lunch
  • Choice of options for your mind, body or soul
  • Contemplation exercises
  • Evening free time (Day 2 we can dine together)

To express your interest and to be the first to know about new dates and promotions please email

Your investment starts from £1,999

What are NLP and Hypnotherapy?

The overall result is being ‘back in the room’ (couldn’t resist). You will feel awakened, aware and empowered with techniques and new understandings of your self. Setting a course for consciously designing and being present in your own life.

Price range from £499 – £2,999

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“I have always had a good work ethic, but what I started to realise is that this behaviour was having a negative impact on all aspects of my life. Not only was I not getting all of the things done I needed to, but I also wasn’t spending time with my family and friends, wasn’t getting my exercise in and wasn’t eating properly. 

I wanted to do something about it, I took certain steps myself, but also wanted to try NLP because I knew that this is a behaviour that has effected me not only now, but also when I was at university and in other aspects of my life. 

I have always been sceptical about hypnotherapy, but will give anything a try once and knew I needed to make changes so that I could really enjoy running the business.

All I can say is that since the sessions with Jess back in April I have been like a different person – much happier, much healthier and most importantly have created a much better and healthier approach to my work. My clients are happy and I absolutely LOVE running my business. I can’t recommend Jess highly enough!”

– Hannah


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Ditch stress & power-up for success!


I look forward to seeing you transform your life!