The Nest

A VIP programme of Rebirth (3 months)

This is an invitation to go on a journey that will take you back home to you – the real you. You will learn to fly high, supported by you alone and even higher than you ever imagined, free from the tethers that you somehow knew were there but were invisible.

We explore the way you are experiencing the world through a certain set of deeply held beliefs and values. Ideas like, “I’m not good enough” or “who do I think I am”. You are encouraged to be curious, creative and to have the courage to let go of what isn’t useful anymore. You will reshape and feel reborn as you write a narrative that is true to you and who and what you are in this lifetime.

This programme is for you especially if you have been through a life changing event, such as your children have flown the nest, you’re adjusting to menopause, have been made redundant, have divorced or lost your business, or have simply woken up to the idea that the path you are on is no longer for you.

We Will Work Closely Over 3 Months

Our first meeting will be a getting to know you and me. We will talk about the principles upon which I frame my work and create the time and space to deeply explore what you would like to achieve.

Our weekly meetings, either online or at my clinic in Harley Street or Exeter will meet you where you are that day as I guide you through the process of transformational change.

I promise safe place where you will be heard and support as you are reborn into your new you.

This is Flexible and Adapts to the Needs of Each Individual

  • 2 VIP half days in Richmond or Devon
  • Weekly online or face to face coaching calls
  • Relevant exercises to support individual needs
  • Personal hypnosis recordings to support transformation

The overall result is being ‘back in the room’ (couldn’t resist). You will feel awakened, aware and empowered with techniques and new understandings of your self. Setting a course for consciously designing and being present in your own life.

Price From £999

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“I have always had a good work ethic, but what I started to realise is that this behaviour was having a negative impact on all aspects of my life. Not only was I not getting all of the things done I needed to, but I also wasn’t spending time with my family and friends, wasn’t getting my exercise in and wasn’t eating properly. 

I wanted to do something about it, I took certain steps myself, but also wanted to try NLP because I knew that this is a behaviour that has effected me not only now, but also when I was at university and in other aspects of my life. 

I have always been sceptical about hypnotherapy, but will give anything a try once and knew I needed to make changes so that I could really enjoy running the business.

All I can say is that since the sessions with Jess back in April I have been like a different person – much happier, much healthier and most importantly have created a much better and healthier approach to my work. My clients are happy and I absolutely LOVE running my business. I can’t recommend Jess highly enough!”

– Hannah


High Achievers

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I look forward to seeing you transform your life!