Jessica Vassallo Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching in Exeter, Exmouth and online. Helping you with…


Anxiety and stress · Emotional eating · Fears – driving, exams, flying, public speaking etc.

· Habits – nail biting etc. · Recovery from traumatic life events, such as Divorce 

· Social anxiety · Smoking Cessation · Sleep issues · Weight loss hypnotherapy & more


You Are Probably Feeling

. Stressed out / burnt out

· Anxious or depressed

· Have unhealthy habits as a reaction to stress, such as emotional eating, smoking, drinking alcohol, gambling

· Experiencing relationship problems with colleagues, partners or your children

· Are going through major life changes, like divorce or redundancy

· or have generally lost your mojo?

The Benefits

. Better sleep

· More clarity of thinking, therefore better decision making

· Learn how to relax

· Stop panic and palpitations

· Reduce physiological symptoms like eczema, rashes, high blood pressure, IBS

· Manage your communication and reactions, leading to better relationships

· Have a deeper understanding of yourself

· Greater feeling of personal safety and security

· Feel lighter, with more energy and motivation

Sessions & Packages

Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching Sessions 

60 minutes – Face to Face £99 or Online £60

In just 60 minutes, clients have gone on to sail through their presentations, get their dream job, fly fearlessly to tropical destinations and stop habits like nail-biting and snacking. 

Therapy Package

3 x 60 minutes – Face to Face or Online £170 

Often clients who have been experiencing the long-term effects of anxiety, depression, trauma and habits that have a detrimental impact on their lives will require more sessions and, where required, on-going support. During your initial consultation Jessica will recommend a course of treatment to suit your needs and your goals. 

“Hi Jess, the new confident me had an interview this morning and I got the job!! I felt really in control thanks to your help. I really appreciate it. xx”

– Lorna