You Are Probably Feeling

. Stressed out / burnt out

· Anxious or depressed

· Have unhealthy habits as a reaction to stress, such as emotional eating, smoking, drinking alcohol, gambling

· Experiencing relationship problems with colleagues, partners or your children

· Are going through major life changes, like divorce or redundancy

· or have generally lost your mojo?

The Benefits

. Better sleep

· More clarity of thinking, therefore better decision making

· Learn how to relax

· Stop panic and palpitations

· Reduce physiological symptoms like eczema, rashes, high blood pressure, IBS

· Manage your communication and reactions, leading to better relationships

· Have a deeper understanding of yourself

· Greater feeling of personal safety and security

· Feel lighter, with more energy and motivation

Scope of Work

. Anxiety and stress

· Emotional eating

· Fears – driving, exams, flying, public speaking etc.

· Grief

· Habits – nail biting etc.

· Hypnobirthing

· IBS relief

· Relationship problems

· Social anxiety

· Smoking cessation – 90% success rate

· Trauma and Post traumatic stress

Unruffle your feathers and consciously create a calm, balanced life.

Sessions & Packages

The Power Hour

Re-Boot or Dip In!

60 minute session to ditch stress and power up for success. Clients have gone on to sail through their presentations, get their dream job, fly fearlessly to tropical destinations and stop habits like nail biting and teeth grinding.

Your investment

Online £175

In person £350, BY APPOINTMENT, please email

The Swan

Rapid Transformation Change Course

3 x 60 minute sessions

This effective rapid transformational change course will help you create changes you have been unable to make alone. Clients have gone on to reshape their lives, letting go of the past, finding clarity around the life they would like to live and empowered to step into their new future self with confidence.

 Your investment

Online £499 

In person £999, BY APPOINTMENT, please email

The Nest

3 Month Programme

3 month rebirth programme 

This is an invitation to go on a journey with me that will take you back home to you – the real you. We will have an initial VIP meeting somewhere beautiful in town or at the coast in Devon, followed by weekly online sessions. This journey of self-discovery is for you if you have lost sight of who you are due to a major life change. You will learn to fly high, supported by you alone and even higher than you ever imagined, free from the tethers that you somehow knew were there but were invisible. I cannot wait to start this journey of rebirth.

Your investment

Individual £2,999

Groups £999

To secure your place in our next group of amazing women please email to book a free 20 minute discovery call.

Jessica Vassallo Transformational Change Coach

-Unruffle Your Feathers-

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