The Mindful Munch 

Breakfree from emotional and over eating with this non-surgical gastric band formula 

12 Week Course or 3 day retreat

Want to slim down and shape up but are sick of fad diets and restrictive eating plans?

Do you want to have a better relationship with food? 

Are you concerned about heart disease or diabetes and want to live a longer, healthier life?

The Mindful Munch

This is a non-surgical gastric band programme, supported by professional Mindset Coaching, a Registered Dietician, Nutrition and Physical Training experts. You will not be the same person that started this course at the end of 12 weeks.

It is designed to support an active lifestyle and focuses on helping you achieve the mindset, clarity and commitment needed to nail your slimming goals without feeling deprived of variety, treats and flavour!

How does it work?

Effectively the programme equips you with a hypno gastric band. The effect? To free yourself from unhelpful old habits that may have encouraged you to eat in response to stress, tiredness, hormonal fluctuations and emotional situations.

The 6 step formula:

Step One – You’ve got this: believe you can do this 

We talk about your aspirations, what is holding you back and use guided visualisation that will connect you with your best self. Clients usual feeling motivated and hopeful after this session.

Step Two – You are not who you think you are : rewriting your story 

You are invited to challenge limiting, negative beliefs and unhelpful habits. The work begins during the session and continues at home recording observations and feeding your self esteem with positive mantras. We talk about your aspirations, what is holding you back and use guided visualisation that will connect you with your best self. Clients usual feeling motivated and hopeful after this session.

Step Three – Controlling compulsion

You will be taught how to use ‘tapping’ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to stop your compulsion to eat and take back control.

Using hypnosis, we also work with the part of you that keeps you overeating or emotional eating. We focus on creating new healthy habits and work with the power of your unconscious mind to make those changes easier and more effective.

Step Four – Non-surgical gastric band procedure – recognising the full signal and reducing consumption

This is a full hypnosis session where you are wheeled down to the operating theatre, ready for the surgeon to perform a gastric band operation. You will notice the tightening of your stomach and will be aware when you are tempted to overeat of a signal indicating you are full. The choice to move your plate away will become so much easier and when you do this you will feel an amazing sense of achievement.

Step Five – Planning your time and menus plus Gastric Band Tightening 

Part of the change process is doing things differently and this will be how to plan, buy and prepare your food. Supported by the help of a Nutritionist you will have new skills and approaches to your foods choices. We also end with a hypnosis session to tighten the gastric band.

Step Six – Stepping in to your best self with confidence

 “If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.” – John Irving.

This final hypnosis session is design to consolidate all your learning and boost self esteem. We have opened the door and this is the final step as you allow the Captain set course and steer your ship of life.

The next 12 week programme, is open to between 6 and 8 ladies and takes place every fortnight on a Tuesday evening, starting on the 29th September at 4pm or 7pm GMT via Zoom.

As a professional well being coach and award winning Transformational Change Coach, I provide a supportive and confidential environment. Many clients are enjoying varying degrees of success with this programme from an overall healthier lifestyle to letting go of up 5 stones in weight naturally.

Options for course delivery and your investment:

• 3 day VIP Mindful Munch retreat in Devon £1,999 (January  2021)

• Personal Coaching at the Clinic, Ten Harley Street £2,999

• Personal Coaching online, £1,999

• Group Coaching at the Clinic, Ten Harley Street £1,999 (6 to 8 people)

• Group Coaching online £499

To discover how this will change your life or to book please book please email or WhatsApp me on 07957556856 (ref: Mindful Munch)

“Hi Jess, it’s been brilliant! I’m like a different person. I’ve lost 3 stone so far! 

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Praise For This Course

“Hi Jess, thought I’d give you a quick update – left about a quarter of my lunch as felt full…didn’t have any cake that was available with tea in the afternoon and so far no snacking tonight. Would it happen that quickly? Feeling really pleased with the result.” 

“Anyone who goes to see Jess will not be disappointed. I saw her a month ago for a one-off consultation. Today, a month later, I am 10lbs lighter! I will be doing some more ‘work’ with Jess later in the year as there are some other areas that could do with a tidy up. 

“Since Wednesday’s session I’ve not touched any chocolate and sweets and it’s not been bothering me. I look at it and then just tell myself I don’t need it. 


I look forward to seeing you transform your life!