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Award winning Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Coach and Kinetic Shift Practitioner. Jessica is a member of the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council and the College of Medicine. She is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register Supervisor and Group Facilitator. Jessica is also a partner at The Harley Street Anxiety Clinic.

Jessica was introduced to the power of change work while working for the military in 2012. She witnessed how Neuro Linguistic Programming helped serve Royal Marines and Veterans suffering with Post Traumatic Stress to transform their lives. Jessica embarked on her journey of exploring the human experience and has since trained with the best in the field of Hypnosis and NLP.

To date Jessica has had the privilege of working with over 1000 clients and has built her reputation based of rapid transformational and effective change.

Jessica offers professional, effective coaching at her clinic in Harley Street and Life Dental and Wellbeing, in Exeter. In addition, thanks to secure video calling technology, Jessica meets with clients online all over the world.

Jessica Vassallo

Founder & Director

Jessica Vassallo Transformational Change Coach

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Transformational Change Coaching – What is it and what are the benefits?

‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’


Stress can be a heavy weight that holds us back and stops us achieving our best. It can also be a positive driving force that gets us out of bed in the morning, or generates enough energy to reach those targets, get the children to school on time or win that award. The difference is the way we are thinking about it. As Dr Wayne Dyer says, change your thinking and it will change your life.


I invite you to be open, curious and creative, to open their minds to new ways of thinking and therefore being. When you do you will gain new understandings and the ability to consciously create who you are and how you are showing up.


You will learn techniques that improve emotional intelligence on the inside so they can be more resilient to what is happening around them, whether that’s people or places.


We use the magic of *NLP and *Hypnosis to uncover limiting beliefs, re-pattern unhelpful thoughts, negative emotions and unhealthy habits, so you can consciously create calm, balance and success in all areas of your life.

What Is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a methodology centered around change; by changing our thoughts we change our mindset which in turn changes our behavioural patterns. Essentially NLP can help us to consciously repattern or upgrade our thinking, and therefore the way we are being, so that we are able to recognise a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities.


NLP supports us in striving towards our best life; a life where you feel in control, rather than stress, anxiety and depression controlling you. These programmes create shifts in beliefs, values, emotions and habits so you can power up and show up as your best you more freely, healthily and boldly.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy also supports our mental software by allowing us to delve deeper into those stories and beliefs that we tell ourselves that are outside of our conscious awareness. Once we challenge these narratives that are causing your stress, we can adapt them in ways that will create opportunities for success in all areas of your life – personal and professional. Often we are using up so much ‘mental data’ stressing about the things that we perceive we cannot do, or that we think we will fail at that we lose sight of our incredible present potential.


Hypnosis, and the self hypnosis I will teach you, connects you to your own powerful supply of inner wisdom, clarity and self confidence. The more we practice this the easier it becomes to change your state and finds the resources you need in so many life situations, for instance, when delivering a presentation, when you are about to compete, before an exam, making a choice whether to reach for that vice or when you want to diffuse a family feud and so much more.


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For more details about Jessica’s training, qualifications and professional memberships please visit:

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I look forward to seeing you transform your life!