‘Unruffle Your Feathers & Consciously Create a Calm, Balanced Life’

Are You feeling Ruffled?

Are you swan like? Appearing calm and graceful to the outside world, whilst beneath the surface you are flapping furiously.

Has stress and anxiety become such as huge part of your life that you can’t even imagine a life without it anymore?

I know this feeling because I’ve been there. I also know how letting go of anxiety and stress has helped both myself and 100’s of my clients power up our lives and our businesses.

I will help you transform from the frazzled days of flapping, into a calm, graceful, powerful swan. You will transcend your current experience, equipped with a new understanding of yourself, supporting you to feel more in control, be resilient and more empowered to live a happier and more enriched life.

Are you ready to stretch your wings and fly?

Jessica Vassallo

Founder & Director

Award Winning Hypnotherapist & Master NLP Practitioner

Jessica Vassallo Transformational Change Coach

-Unruffle Your Feathers-

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What You Can Expect

Impactful and life changing conversations as we challenge and shift thoughts, emotions and habits. You will experience anything from moments of insight to mind blowing revelations and the freedom to open to new opportunities and new ways of being. Sometimes change is quick and profound, other times we require a deeper exploration of your self in order to create effective positive change.

Through talking therapy and positive psychology techniques we create a safe, open environment where you are heard and you are able to see yourself and able to witness your own experience. You walk away empowered to understand your self and continue effective change way beyond the time we spend together in our sessions.

Clients leave looking years younger. Feeling Free… Safe… Hopeful… Refreshed… Rejuvenated… Relieved… Empowered.

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“For the past month or so I have been working with the amazing Jessica Vassallo who has been helping me with a whole number of things; anxiety, self-confidence, to name a few! I can not recommend Jess enough, through the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Transformational Change Coaching, I feel so much more like myself and also an improved version of myself. Check her out!”

A. Stace

I Understand

I can imagine how busy your life is. You’re juggling so many responsibilities and feel you’re not doing well in anything. Work and career commitments, business ownership, raising children, your relationships at home and at work, family and friends … all with a smile on your face.

What happened to freedom, spontaneity, following your dream? Yeah right, I hear you say.

And although you appreciate mindfulness, meditation and other new age solutions, frankly, you just don’t have the time to breath.

Perhaps you now believe that stress is what actually keeps you going – thriving on adrenalin, perhaps thinking you couldn’t cope without it.

However, the side effects are getting you down – the not sleeping well, not thinking clearly, snappiness at home and work, feeling unwell, drinking too much, stress eating – keeping you going while holding you back.

Coaching and Hypnotherapy may just seem like another thing that you will have to learn and be good at…

When the reality is that in just one 60 minute session clients have:

. Stopped stress eating & lost up to 21 Ibs* (5 stone with my Mindset and Motivation Weight Loss Program)

· Stopped smoking

· Started enjoying social events

· Won that promotion at work

· Stopped procrastinating and started their business

· Let go of anxiety and panic attacks

· Blown insomnia into the past

· Taken control of hot flushes and cold sweats

· Released anger leading to healthier relationship

· Stopped nail biting

· Stopped addiction to energy drinks, chocolate, cola and sugary foods

· Started enjoying days at ease and in flow, achieving so much more

Unruffle your feathers and consciously create a calm, balanced life.

“The transformation was almost instant. I went in wanting to make positive changes and since then I have made so many!

I only had 2 sessions and if you take a look at my life now that’s truly amazing! Jess has helped so many people and that is truly a gift.”

– Lisa

What I do

Jessica Vassallo

Jess is an award winning Hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner based in Exeter and London.



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